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Corporate Sponsorship

Ensure that awareness of Turner's great genius continues to thrive and grow

In 1990 we organised an international conference in Paris on The Artist’s Museum.  We have got the

statue of Turner in St Paul’s Cathedral  restored and promoted the scientific study of his portraits. We have celebrated annually the anniversary of Turner’s birth and have held commemorations of his death in St Paul’s Cathedral and stimulated among English localities awareness of their Turner connections.  Support is needed for this work to continue, and the Independent Turner Society’s aim is to provide that, so please help us continue this work by sponsoring our society

JMW Turner painting; "The Field of Waterloo", 1818, Oil on canvas; example of 19th century Romantic art.

How Corporate Sponsorship of the
Independent Turner Society can help you

  • Positive Association: Being associated with the Independent Turner Society can enhance your reputation and provide an important, positive association with one of the greatest landscape/seascape artists in history.

  • Sponsoring us can provide valuable exposure for your brand through social media, press releases, and other marketing channels.

  • Supporting us can demonstrate your commitment to the world of art, heritage and culture and your corporate social responsibility. It shows that you care about making a positive impact on England's great artistic heritage.

  • Sponsoring us can provide valuable networking opportunities for you, allowing you to connect with other sponsors, supporters, and individuals who are passionate about the arts and about the genius of JMW Turner.

  • You  may receive exclusive access to events, exhibitions, and other activities related to Turner, the museums, galleries and the arts. This can provide a unique experience for you and help you build relationships with key stakeholders.

  • Employee Engagement: Supporting the Independent Turner Society can be an excellent way to engage your employees and build team morale. It can also help your employees feel proud to be associated with a society that is making a positive impact on the world of art and England's heritage.

  • All sponsors will be acknowledged on our website, on social media, at our events and in all press releases and propaganda about the Independent Turner Society.

Please contact us if you are interested


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