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Turner's Almshouse and Gallery

Dr Whittingham contributed an  article to the Georgian Group Journal on the above.  He writes: "My important discovery of Turner's sketches was made while I was hunting the National Archives for any documents  relating to Turner's will.  There I also discovered all Turner's draft wills and codicils,  vital to an understanding of Turner's wishes.  These were found in a grubby bundle full of "soot", the Public Record Office thereby induced to have them properly conserved, or so they said.


This shows that John Gage was right in guessing that Turner wanted a building in the Gothic style.  It also shows the plan for the gallery, which really needs an architect to interpret fully.  i.e. they must be dated between 1832 and 1848, I think.  They are accompanied by some featureless landscape sketches; the reason for their inclusion baffles me."

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