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Join us to access our events

Annual membership is £10.00 (€15;  $15) 

Donations to support the society and its campaign for a Turner Gallery are welcomed. 


Benefits of Membership

The benefits of becoming a member of the Independent Turner Society include: 

  • Access to cultural events: Being a member can give you access to a variety of cultural events such as art exhibitions, walks, lectures and tours. This can provide you with unique experiences and opportunities to discover new insights and expand your knowledge about Turner and his great art.​

  • Supporting the arts: By joining the Independent Turner Society, you are helping to support the arts and culture in your community. Your membership dues and attendance at events can help fund important cultural programs and initiatives, and ensure that awareness of Turner’s great genius continues to thrive and grow.

To become a member please fill out our form and return it to us:
Click Here to access our Membership Form
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